Commercial Design

Korra Interiors team has tremendous expertise in providing magnificent designs for commercial premises. We provide designs for commercial complexes, offices, function halls, business meeting places, hotels, hospitals, institutional buildings, and industrial premises.

In commercial design, we create an environment that includes function and aesthetics. Our includes selecting paint colours, choosing artwork, accounting for acoustics and lighting, picking appropriate furniture, and placing all these together in the manner most appropriate to the venue.

The front of any commercial building and point of entry ensures the first impression it leaves on its customers and should express a sense of welcome at the same time as providing strong elements of security.

We offer unique interior designs for commercial offices that are reliable and efficient in terms of looks and quality. The design team is well experienced and skilled to create precise designs for commercial premises. They create the interior design of the place as per the requirement from the client and considering some major design parameters.

Our Commercial Interior Design covers all aspects of commercial interiors, from residential to industrial, offices to retail outlets, Hospitality to health spas, and everything in between.

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